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Dear Crow with Noah Grunzweig, Caller

Dear Crow is a collaboration of Seattle area musicians Brian Lindsay and Penka Jane Culevski. Old-time tunes with sweet double fiddles, tight vocal harmonies, sparkling banjo: a sound that is both nostalgic and bright with possibility. Viewers are encouraged to donate directly to artists or causes of their choosing. Please consider contributing… LEARN MORE

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Squirrel Butter

Based in Seattle, Squirrel Butter performs traditional and original music influenced by Appalachian, early country, jug band, and blues artists from the late 1800s through 1950s.   LEARN MORE

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The Geoducks

As nine year olds, Hank, Henry, and Diego created their band to spend time together and share their love of music.  Soon, this trio, wielding their clarinet, fiddle and mandolin, discovered busking and the joy of reaching an audience. Whether in ferry lines, at farmers' markets, or out on the lawns each year at Folklife, the Geoducks put together… LEARN MORE

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